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This necessitates frequent examination of the mare as often as may be required to accurately predict ovulation. This means that a veterinarian who is skilled in reproductive management of mares must be either able to visit your farm frequently or the mare is left in the care of a veterinary hospital. People come from all over Australia for this service.

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Research shows that the amount of effort a stallion invests in his ejaculates, referred to as ejaculate economicscan vary based on his attraction to the mare he is intended to breed and the teaser mare. Surprisingly, that attraction can be affected by the genetics of both the mare and stallion. What makes a mare attractive to a stallion, driving him to put forth his best effort?

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Carefully preparing your mare, and the associated monitoring of her estrous cycle will hopefully result in a timely breeding. It is essential that the mare's estrous cycle be followed carefully, and ongoing follicular activity monitored this is known as "following the follicle" and recorded. In order to do this, a person experienced in palpation or ultrasound use is needed - most usually a veterinarian.

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Skip to content Ontario. Horses have the potential for high reproductive performance. With an understanding of basic reproductive science, breeders can be better positioned to achieve their goals. This Factsheet presents information on basic anatomy, physiology and management techniques that can assist in improving reproductive performance in the mare.

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Artificial insemination can be a management-intensive and expensive endeavor for mare owners. Therefore, owners are often at the mercy of when their desired stallion is collected and, if dealing with shipped semen, when that semen arrives. ACT, owner of Honahlee PC, a breeding facility in Sherwood, Oregon, recently looked at how collection and insemination schedules affect pregnancy rates in mares bred using fresh or cooled semen.

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PaulUSA. After the deposition of semen in the mare's uterus, spermatozoa must be transported to the site of fertilization, be maintained in the female tract until ovulation occurs, and be prepared to fertilize the released ovum. Sperm motility, myometrial contractions, and a spontaneous post-mating uterine inflammation are important factors for the transport and survival of spermatozoa in the mare's reproductive tract.

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Why use AI instead of natural service? There are several advantages to using AI compared to natural service:. What is the success rate when using AI?

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Mares can be bred naturally by the stallion either at pasture or in a controlled environment with the stallion in hand or by artificial insemination AI. Natural service is very common but carries an increased risk to the mare, stallion and mare holders or the stallion handler. It is not uncommon for pasture bred horses to receive injuries and many of these may result in fertility or behavioural issues for the stallion.

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Our last discussion featured management changes that may make the difference between a pregnant mare and an open one. Now we will focus on the role the stallion played in an unsuccessful breeding season. Alas, the stallion is very commonly blamed for pregnancy failure.

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