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Shocked onlookers filmed the topless pee-pincher, wearing a leather choker around his neck, lurking by open-air toilets in Amsterdam on Sunday. Footage shows him hovering around urinals where he had strategically placed plastic cups to collect urine as others relieved themselves. As they finish up, the straight-faced man springs into action, swooping to collect the cups before someone else moves in.

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Want to live or travel in Europe? Blogger Libby reports. This Sunday morning, I was hoping to awake to birds chirping, the sun shining, a babbling brook, and breakfast in bed.

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The earliest iterations of public restrooms reach back to 2, B. InParis introduced public restrooms along its most popular boulevards. Called pissoirsthe toilets were merely a line of urinals and a few toilets with a privacy-protecting screen running behind the urinators.

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Peeing in Amsterdam [amsterdam alternative 15] I've always considered the phenomenon of the urinal in Amsterdam as an obvious sign that gender equality has not been achieved in this town. While the local government provides ample places to pee for men, hardly any public toilets are available for women. Strictly speaking, this gesture, which facilitates only half the population while the other half is explicitly, blatantly, excluded, cannot be called a public service. In fact, with all the current debates going on and decisions being taken by the national government and several major companies about gender neutralityit is clear that the city of Amsterdam, which even fails to grasp the older concept of gender equalityis lagging behind.

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A court case in which a year-old woman was fined for urinating in public in Amsterdam has sparked a national row, with allegations of sexism against judges and the town hall — and claims that the city has fewer public toilets for women than any other European capital. With no toilet in sight, she headed for a dark alleyway while her friends kept watch. That was the good news.

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In response, the Dutch satirical website De Speld has posted a video on YouTube highlighting the safest ways to pee into a canal. The informercial is a take-off of the type of informative ads posted by Postbus 51 Post Office Box 51 — an information service operated by the Dutch Government. Among other things the spot says that while peeing the bladder empties in a short time span, causing blood to drain from your brain to your stomach area, which could result in a black-out.

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Unlike other cities, it is not really possible to slip into an Amsterdam pub or cafe and use their facilities for free. In the Red Light District, they are particularly money-minded. You also do not get the usual big fast food joints or department stores, where it is easier to slip in unnoticed, it is mostly small shops, cafes and bars.

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The Netherlandsotherwise a bastion of freedom and feminism, finds itself in the middle of an unlikely battle over pee and toilets. But after a woman was fined for peeing in public during a night out in Amsterdam, protesters streamed into the streets. Geerte Piening, 23, had peed in the dark discreetly in a city where so many men urinate publicly each year that at least 15 of them drown by falling into canals while relieving themselves. Still, when Piening challenged the fine for the May episode in court, the judge declared last year that she should have used the public urinals, known as de krulwhich were designed for men.

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Fine you, of course. In a city famous for loose drug and prostitution laws, breaking rubbish rules is serious business. Not surprising when you realize the country is so land-poor that almost everyone lives in drained lake beds.

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But never fear! There are still plenty of spots where people will do the things that Urban Dictionary authors write about. What to expect: This is the original Amsterdam sex-theater experience. The stage feels mighty close here, but there's still a nicely varied crowd.