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In the decade-plus that I've been immersed in the overlapping worlds of sex and tech, teledildonics has always existed as a dot on the horizon, the major technical innovation just waiting to completely transform sex as we know it. And in that decade-plus, I've mostly thought that teledildonics was, well, stupid. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, teledildonics refers to high tech sex toys that can be remotely controlled over the internet—enabling you to, for instance, unleash the power of a vibrator in San Francisco with a few taps on a keyboard in New York.

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To say that sex toy technology has come a long way, would be a severe understatement. Not too long ago people were still getting off by rubbing what was intended to be body massagers ahem, Hitachi Wand against their favorite sensitive bits until they screamed out in pure ecstasy. And, some of them were probably even masturbating secretly with these massagers, as if they were committing a crime.

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When your internet-connected lightbulb gets hacked, a university gets DDoS'd. But when the same thing happens to your internet-connected vibrator? Well, let's just say the ramifications are a tad more personal. Welcome to the wild, wonderful, and oh-so vulnerable world known to security researchers as the internet of dildos.

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Use without worrying about roommates, family, or strangers in public hearing it! Lush The first-generation of Lush bullet vibrator was a smash hit after its introduction in

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Sex is not what it used to be. You have virtual reality porn, futuristic sex toys, and professionally molded vagina replicas. It can be hard to find the right sex toy, not because of a lack of options, but because there are too many options to pick from.

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I mean, if you wanted to! From over-exuberant manufacturers who slurp up data to security flaws that hackers could exploit, teledildonics can be a privacy nightmare. Carltrider explains that they picked products based on what seemed popular online, while also trying to be inclusive of all sexual orientations, genders, and physical abilities.

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Vibeasesort of the spiritual successor of The Toy, is a wearable, waterproof Bluetooth vibrator. Vibease can also be directly controlled by the user, or by a partner through their smartphone from anywhere in the world. Embedded at strategic points in the fabric are small actuators, the same kind that create pulses of haptic feedback in a smartphone.

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Set it up in minutes and turn your smartphone into a wireless remote control. Play by yourself or hand off your smartphone to your partner and watch them with excitement as they pleasure you from across the room. Our app allows you to give control to someone who is miles away.

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Security researchers have found that a popular internet-connected sex toy is riddled with vulnerabilities and flaws, which put users at a huge privacy risk. The so-called Vibratissimo "panty buster" is a smart toy that connects through Bluetooth to a phone. It's designed to allow the user's partner to remotely control the vibrator -- "from home or from the other end of the world," according to the website of its maker, Amor Gummiwaren. But, according to a vulnerability disclosure report released Thursday by SEC Consultone of several vulnerabilities in the vibrator let anyone take remote control of the sex toy over the internet.


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