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G, 74 min. Not reviewed at press time. This new animated feature from Amblin Entertainment Casper, An American Tail is based on a true story about a heroic Alaskan husky in who journeys through a terrible blizzard to deliver medicine urgently needed in Nome in order to halt a dire diptheria epidemic.

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Home Alone Screenwriter s : John Hughes. Play clip excerpt :. He combed his hair, applied Right Guard deodorant under his armpits, and put aftershave lotion on his face - causing him to scream:.

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The year-old actress revealed that the part of Hester Collyer, an Establishment wife who throws it all away for a doomed love, mirrored her own life, and had proved cathartic. Scacchi broke up with American actor Vincent D'Onofrio not long after they had her first child in The split left her so distraught she was unable to work for four years - just when her Hollywood career was taking off.

Money and fame usually go hand in hand with family. If a guy finds success, he wants to help out the people he loves the most, and those he knows he can trust. You see it all the time in Hollywood.

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She's the Italian-Australian actress who was known as a bombshell during the s and s. She said: 'It is a bummer, ageing. The only comforting thing is knowing that we are actually all going along the conveyor belt at the same pace.

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Fantastic Beasts Dimensions. Harry Potter was a licensed theme based on the Harry Potter movies produced by Warner Brothers which are, in turn, based on a series of books of the same name by J. The theme skipped entirely, and returned with a single set in

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Win prizes Newborn Felix McGuire is already a model in the making. Click here to watch our exclusive livestream of the game followed by the Southern Storm versus City Cyclone at 2. Brain drain They are young, bright and ambitious

The following are my personal favorites. Almost certainly unfair to include as while it is hideously bad, I think it was intended to be hideously bad, and boy did Nicolas Cage succeed in that respect. John Lithgow has done some great work in the past, a performer who can be effortlessly at home in comedy or drama.


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