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R : Not on a regular basis. LOL nah supercranker, no fail there.. I roped him into doing a few scenes, though. She should be drowned in a pool of old cold spunk and forgotten for all eternity. The porngirls may choose what acts they will perform onscreen and discriminate between them, but ethnicity is no act.

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Lina. Age: 27.
raylene the pornstar

ISP : What was the atmosphere like at Vivid when you were there?

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Samantha. Age: 26.
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Interview with a Porn Star (#73) — Raylene

ISP : Did any of your real estate clients know about your porn star status? R : It was pretty laid-back. ISP : What did you want to be when you were 10 years old? Anyway, my ex-husband told the guy to leave, so the guy went out to get his gun.

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