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The sudden wave of motion sickness leaves me feeling lightheaded and I start to wobble. The force of the blast launches large pieces of the ship flying, causing them to rain down on buildings all over the port. This series is strictly Futa x female harem, there will be no male characters in the sex scenes ever. But at that moment I feel a strong shift in the core of my body as a wave of nausea overcomes me. Where the hell are the prisoners! Your review has been posted. There was some huge wave all of a sudden.

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Kathleen. Age: 21.
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It's guys like that, that give mages a bad name.

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Valerie. Age: 29.
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When U See Hentai On The Group Chat But It's Wendy's Futa

The moment it comes into view I see a scene I hadn't been expecting, and most certainly wasn't mentally prepared for. So that's it for chapter one! Having decided to camp out for the night we find a small clearing nearby and decide to set up camp there. Summoning up all of my magic I coat my body in wind.

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