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It was completely by accident, but it works like a charm, and so far I haven't ended up in jail. Thicker and longer than I expected, its flesh was darker than the rest of him, and it's circumcised tip was round and smooth and perfect. The stupid sexy bra I threw on did nothing to conceal them and the thin satin shirt didn't either. The goofiest god-damn part of all of it was I had no idea if Ryan—that's dreamy blue-eyes' name—would be the least bit interested in having sex with an old gal like me. Username: Password: Forgot your password? Somehow I remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures, and I picked up my camera off the dresser. That's the way they start those meetings isn't it?

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Oh, I could have my tits done, my face lifted, and my fat rearranged with a vacuum nozzle and a scalpel, but it's a losing battle and everybody knows it.

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I was on the verge of going stark-raving loopy and ending up in the psych ward if I didn't get control of myself. The cute guys I get to watch are a nice bonus. The cutest boy waited on me.

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