Women with large areolas

women with large areolas
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For many other people, that would be no big deal. After pregnancy, areolae do tend to get smaller, although they may not revert back to their pre-pregnancy size , Dr. Areolae have tissue and fiber that contracts so that nipples can get erect when you're chilly, aroused, or breastfeeding, Dr. The areolae act as a "bullseye" for a baby to find your breast and get milk. This is just one of the extremely common ways in which your body changes after pregnancy , and there's really nothing to be concerned about if you notice your areolae are larger. Hence the very large variety of household items they could resemble. Here, she recounts how a month on.

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Areola size is something that you inherit from your parents, just like your breast and foot size, or your freckle pattern.

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Everyone's Areola Size Is Unique — Just The Way It Was Intended

If you're breastfeeding, then your areolae grow as they get ready to help with lactation , and change color because they're needed more than ever, she says. For many other people, that would be no big deal. Some patients who haven't had kids also ask for nipple augmentation, although it's less common.

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